Mission Statement

The mission of the Georgia Art Education Association is to advocate for the highest quality visual arts education and provide for the advancement of knowledge through service, leadership and research.

What We Do 

The primary purpose of GAEA is to promote, maintain and achieve the highest quality of instruction possible in art education throughout Georgia. Our association is addressing several important issues for Georgia’s art educators:

  •  With the State Board of Education and the State Department of Education, we want to help insure that Georgia’s Quality Core Curriculum is properly implemented to include funding for elementary art teaching positions with reasonable teaching schedules. We want to help to see that high school programs receive budget credit for the FTE student enrollment lab course funds the art department earns. We want to increase the awareness of high school guidance counselors and the Georgia Board of Regents to the art needs of high school and college students.
  • We want to make state legislators aware of the impact the funding of art can make in the lives of children and the importance which students and parents give to having school art teaching positions state funded.
  • Through the GAEA Collage telling of future events, teaching ideas,conferences, student exhibitions, workshops, and opportunities such as the Capitol Art Show and the Youth Art Month celebrations, we want to help you to have the best art program possible for your students. 

GAEA Goals for Education 

All elementary, middle and secondary schools shall require students to complete a sequential program of art instruction. Art instruction shall be conducted by certified teachers of art. Visual arts courses shall be required in elementary, middle, junior and senior high schools and should not be scheduled to conflict with other required courses.

For graduation from high school, every student shall be required to complete at least one in-depth study in the techniques of at least one art medium; practice in several media; and studies in art history, aesthetics, and criticism.