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GAEA Plan of Action

B. Objectives, Procedures and Timeline, Who/When, Cost, and Evaluation: (For each stated goal, specify a measurable objective for accomplishing the goal. Each objective should be stated in terms of desired changes, activities, etc., which, if accomplished, will result in goal attainment. For each objective relate what are deemed to be the most appropriate procedures or activities to accomplish each objective. Procedures may include use of other resources [people, materials, and etc.] and establish a timeline for meeting the objective. State who will complete the task or supervise the activity and when the task will take place or be completed if it is known. Determine the cost of the activity (be realistic). Explain briefly how you will evaluate to what degree the objective has been met. This evaluation will be submitted as part of the end of the year summary report for your plan of action

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If you have more than 6 objectives, please complete this form and submit it. Then open a new form window and fill in the rest of your objectives.