Capitol Art News

We know many of you have been waiting for news about the Capitol Art Exhibit. Sadly, the Building Authority has told us we could only display the artwork for five days. In the past, we have had an entire month to display this show. We could not justify asking art teachers to collect artwork from the entire state, hang the show, attend the reception, then immediate take the artwork down. The Capitol Art Exhibit has been one of our biggest advocacy events since the 1980's. We are disappointed we could not get more than five days to have our show. We know our students, their parents, our government partners, and the legislators will be disappointed as well. 
We greatly appreciate the work of our CAE co-chairs, Sondra Palmer and Florence Barnett, who spent countless hours calling officials and meeting with the Building Authority to try to reach a compromise. 

    Capitol Art Exhibit                           

The Capitol Art Exhibit is cosponsored by the Georgia Art Education Association and the Office of the Secretary of State. 

It is the premier event of Youth Art Month and the largest student exhibit in the state. 

The purpose of the exhibit is to share with our legislators and the public the exceptional, creative ability of Georgia's students.

 Committee Chairpersons Contact Information:


  • Each current GAEA member can enter two artworks.
  • Original, 2-D or 3-D artwork allowed - no art criticism or group projects
  • 2D not to exceed 24” x 30” (including mat)
  • 3D work not to extend more than 30" in any direction
  • No glass, canvas, frames or foam core –(our panels have difficulty hanging these)
  • Matting - white or black mat board, maximum 3”
  •  Protect delicate, 2D artwork - Backing: white or black poster or mat board

GETTING YOUR ARTWORK THERE:                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Ship both 2D and 3D work carefully with adequate protection. Include an envelope with return postage and a label for returning artworkOr, make arrangements to meet your representative.
  • E-mail your region representative when you ship student work with the following information:
      1. Number of pieces (2D or 3D)__________________
      2. Date shipped _____________________________
      3. Method of shipping ________________________
      4. Student names ____________________________
      5. County _________________________________
      6. School _________________________________
      7. Teacher name ____________________________
      8. Teacher home/cell # _______________________
      9. How artwork is getting home _________________
  • The rep will e-mail back when artwork received.

CONTACTING FOR ADVOCACY:                                                                                                                         


Students should write or e-mail letters to their State Senators and Representatives inviting them to the exhibit and reception.  Elementary students can print out and fill in their names.  Middle and high school students should use the examples as a guide. 

Sample Letter for your Legislator.

Legislators e-mail addresses can be found on-line, or you can download a current copy on PDF. Each year the legislators look forward to this event and especially enjoy receiving letters and emails from children in their region. The earlier student’s send letters, the better the odds of legislators being there.


Give yourself a pat on the back; you have promoted art in our state! You have helped to make this important event a success. Talk to other art teacher’s about participating next year. Tell them how easy it really was!


If you would like to know how you can help CAE return next year, please send Lauren Phillips, GAEA President, an email. Your GAEA board is working hard to make sure the Capitol Art Exhibit will return in 2018.